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Tattoos: job market, jail and more

Quite a lot of articles on tattoos and job market. It started when I came across this one about a young woman removing her old tattoos to be able to move on and then it just went downhill. Interestingly and funny enough, I also read this one about a new technique that allows to reveal removed or covered-up tattoos. Apparently, we can’t escape from ourselves 😉

I’ve already written about it some time ago but since it’s interesting enough and some new info popped up, here Lexington Tattoo Project again. Of course, you just can’t stop thinking how similar it is to Shelley Jackson’s Skin Project but these days it’s actually hard to come up with something really new.

Another one resembling the Skin Project if the Human Rights Tattoo project that got some press again. As a matter of fact, I was SOOO ready to be part of it but alas, it’s not gonna happen any time soon due to their rather strict rules! Too bad! Since I like to think about myself as a flexible person and an activist, I adopted some bees instead!

Don Ed Hardy – a book review.

Popularity of tattoos and a suggestion that we don’t know when to stop juxtaposed with a D.C., USA proposal for a 24-hours waiting period for tattoos and body piercings!

Tattoos in prison as seen from a few different angles.

Couples tattoos – apparently they always go wrong!

Some pics: ’22 tantalizing tattoos’ and not that good a Game of Thrones tattoo (here only b/c I like the books!).

Hand-tapping tattoos in New Zealand and some history of tattoos in Japan.

Is it me only or the Huffington Post is getting a lil weak? This article about facial tattoos kinda proves it.

An article about one of the L.A.-based suspension groups.

In this weekend’s ‘High Heels’ edition (a weekend extra for the Wyborcza newspaper) there’s an interesting article about Vampira whose image found its way into the tattoo world. The pic below was spat out by the Google Images but it seems to origin from this website.


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