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Bastian already provided us with some relevant info on legislative changes regarding ‘non-traditional’ forms of body modification in Arkansas but here is another article showing that body artists can and should cooperate with legislators to change the industry for better and educate people on the subject of body modification. Also from Arkansas, a local artist’s take on scarification.

Definitely interesting: body jewelry and piercings in American prisons.

One of the great of the industry, Mark Mahoney, still doing strong!

One of more popular tattoo artists, Ami James, in Ireland.

‘Meaningful’ tattoos are usually associated, and kinda mocked because of it, with Miami Ink show and even though there is something to it, this Australian article on tattoos and the process of grieving shows that tattoos may really help deal with a loss.

Popular tattoo culture reflected in an article about a new tattoo magazine focused on ‘tattooed urban models,’ a slide show presenting tattoos in hip-hop and a text about an app which brings both Zombie Boy and Dermablend back to life (so to speak).

A little more about the project ‘Bled for Boston.’ Also related to running is this article from Runner’s World on temporary tattoos as heart monitors (not a new topic but I like it when the Bible (a.k.a. RW ;)) mentions tattoos.

Fitness and tattoos combined – Bob Harper discussing his tattoos. He’s one of the most tattooed personal trainers out there and even though he seems to be a tattoo guy only (you never know, though), his example shows that a fit, modified body is the (only) way to go for those who want to adorn their ‘temples.’


Tattoos and brain: Dr. Mark Benecke. Not the best article ever but he’s always worth to be mentioned.

A very interesting exhibit focused on Native American pride: Iroquois tattoos. Here’s some more info on Hiawatha Belt, a frequent tattoo motif for modern Iroquois.

Two tattoo artists, different modi operandi: Tyson Pederson of Divinity Tattoo and a guy called Czarny Tulipan who is presented as if he worked underground.

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