run and read!

No running this week for me but it was very cool to get to see and go through this great slide show of running tattoos on one of my fav websites (obviously I don’t frequent it often enough, though – maybe I should have submitted a pic of my calf tattoo, too? ;))

A tattoo-related start-up: Tattoo Hero. Also, ‘automated ink machine’ and ‘working underground: tattoo artists in Iran.’

Don Ed Hardy has just published a book called ‘Wear Your Dreams. My Life in Tattoos.’ The Kindle sample I went through seems very promising; besides, it’s Don Ed Hardy, right?

Entertainment-wise: sideshow revival in New Jersey.

From Poland a text about a tiny, local shop in a town you’ve prolly never heard of and a short text briefing us on subjects covered by exorcists on their recent convention, a.o. tattoos and body piercing!