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people and words

From Canada an article about more women in the predominantly male tattoo industry. It’s certainly nothing new and in this case I must agree with Kat Von D’s statement in this one where she discusses her new book (I’m in the middle of reading it but it may take a while – interesting intertwines with pretentious here).

Modest, talented, creative – Scott Campbell and his new project(s).

Easy ink’ (more) focuses on research on how men perceive tattooed women!

Modified charity in ‘tattoos for a cause.’

News from Poland: ‘tattoo jam in Radom’ and an interview with a young (and hopefully promising) tattoo artist. On a side note, I do cringe when they use the word ‘tatuażysta’ (=tattooist) to describe a tattoo artist/ tattooer; it’s kind of degrading and lands this profession straight in the stylists/ celebs realm.

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