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traditional vs. modern and artsy

Keone Nunes, a traditional Hawaiian tattoo artist, portrayed here. In a similar vein articles on yantra tattoos in Thailand – very interesting photographs here; one of the links submitted by Bastian!

An exhibit devoted to tattoos in art in Germany; here a teaser about it. Also from Bastian!

Something for Bastian and others into hooks – ‘hanging on’ discusses suspension, Allen Falkner and his TSD team.

Another influential person, Brian Decker, mentioned in this, somewhat naïve text about ‘scar tattoos’ (sic!).

We all heard about the first Christians allegedly tattooing the symbols of their faith on them or the medieval knights getting tattoos in the time of the Crusades; here’s another twist on it: ‘Jerusalem family tattoos pilgrims for centuries.’

Keep your tattoos from fading’ is a must at this time of the year!

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2 responses to “traditional vs. modern and artsy

  1. bastian ⋅

    that article about “scar tattoos” was horrific indeed. I do’t get how journalists go to some length to interview a leading representative of the trade just to not even get their basic understanding of the subject right….

  2. Ania ⋅

    they don’t get the subject, they don’t really care, maybe they are told to write along the sensational lines … As many other things these days, also journalism seems to be going downhill now 😉

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