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tattoos come with a good brain! :D

An interesting submission from Bastian – hooks, of course 😉

To honor him and his Blue-Eyed Monster, here’s some news on tattoos for dogs!

Tattoos and fine art! Also, Angela Su’s project focused on self-mutilation.

Book-themed tattoos on the Huffington Post. And here Game of Thrones tattoos! Tattoos are coming 😉

body art stereotypes misrepresent tattoo and body piercing culture’ – definitely much food for thought!

For once tattoos and other forms of body modification are handy à AZ-based restaurant wants to hire modified people.

Tattoos and skin cancer! Funny, how they phrase the headlines to catch our attention!

Eyeball tattooing.

Another ‘American Mary’ review. I didn’t manage to watch the whole movie; maybe one of these days, though!

Mum tattoos here!

Since I seem to be getting into ‘the Biggest Looser’ show, let me show you a guy who looks absolutely awesome – he’s damn fit, wonderfully buff and he’s heavily tattooed at that! Bob Harper, one of the trainers on the show!


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2 responses to “tattoos come with a good brain! :D

  1. bastian ⋅

    blue-eyed ANGEL, s.v.p 🙂
    and thank god her coat is way too thick for any kind of “tattoo” to work.
    Hey, for someone who claims to have no time for anything but cramming for work you seem to be watching a good amount of inane TV!
    Haha, and this bob harper guy, well… the plain skin left around the elbows just look out of place.

  2. Ania

    The Biggest Loser is an awesome show (esp. for someone like me who’s obsessed with food!) and it’s about modifying one’s body, too!
    Many ppl’s elbows aren’t covered completely for many reasons and Bob Harper is just a great and fit work in progress, like all of us 😉

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