tattoos come with a good brain! :D

An interesting submission from Bastian – hooks, of course 😉

To honor him and his Blue-Eyed Monster, here’s some news on tattoos for dogs!

Tattoos and fine art! Also, Angela Su’s project focused on self-mutilation.

Book-themed tattoos on the Huffington Post. And here Game of Thrones tattoos! Tattoos are coming 😉

body art stereotypes misrepresent tattoo and body piercing culture’ – definitely much food for thought!

For once tattoos and other forms of body modification are handy à AZ-based restaurant wants to hire modified people.

Tattoos and skin cancer! Funny, how they phrase the headlines to catch our attention!

Eyeball tattooing.

Another ‘American Mary’ review. I didn’t manage to watch the whole movie; maybe one of these days, though!

Mum tattoos here!

Since I seem to be getting into ‘the Biggest Looser’ show, let me show you a guy who looks absolutely awesome – he’s damn fit, wonderfully buff and he’s heavily tattooed at that! Bob Harper, one of the trainers on the show!