cover your skin!

Not many links this week but the newsfeed still managed to bring some interesting ones:

How to prove your loyalty to your employer and score a pay rise at that? At this NYC brokerage it’s easy (kind of) – just get a tattoo of their logo!

There’s also a chance that once you get your tattoo done, you may land on the police register – this time it’s Queensland, Australia.

Fortunately, there’s also a call for open-mindness: letters from online readers!

A talk about tattoos and graffiti at Mobile Museum of Art, AL, USA.

Boston Strong temporary tattoos!

Nothing splendid but it’s nice to see familiar faces: a slide show called ‘would you do that to your face?’ (as if there was anything wrong with these faces!)

A nice submission from Bastian – Corey Miller on tattoos! (thank you!)