people and words

From Canada an article about more women in the predominantly male tattoo industry. It’s certainly nothing new and in this case I must agree with Kat Von D’s statement in this one where she discusses her new book (I’m in the middle of reading it but it may take a while – interesting intertwines with pretentious here).

Modest, talented, creative – Scott Campbell and his new project(s).

Easy ink’ (more) focuses on research on how men perceive tattooed women!

Modified charity in ‘tattoos for a cause.’

News from Poland: ‘tattoo jam in Radom’ and an interview with a young (and hopefully promising) tattoo artist. On a side note, I do cringe when they use the word ‘tatuażysta’ (=tattooist) to describe a tattoo artist/ tattooer; it’s kind of degrading and lands this profession straight in the stylists/ celebs realm.

traditional vs. modern and artsy

Keone Nunes, a traditional Hawaiian tattoo artist, portrayed here. In a similar vein articles on yantra tattoos in Thailand – very interesting photographs here; one of the links submitted by Bastian!

An exhibit devoted to tattoos in art in Germany; here a teaser about it. Also from Bastian!

Something for Bastian and others into hooks – ‘hanging on’ discusses suspension, Allen Falkner and his TSD team.

Another influential person, Brian Decker, mentioned in this, somewhat naïve text about ‘scar tattoos’ (sic!).

We all heard about the first Christians allegedly tattooing the symbols of their faith on them or the medieval knights getting tattoos in the time of the Crusades; here’s another twist on it: ‘Jerusalem family tattoos pilgrims for centuries.’

Keep your tattoos from fading’ is a must at this time of the year!

tattoos come with a good brain! :D

An interesting submission from Bastian – hooks, of course 😉

To honor him and his Blue-Eyed Monster, here’s some news on tattoos for dogs!

Tattoos and fine art! Also, Angela Su’s project focused on self-mutilation.

Book-themed tattoos on the Huffington Post. And here Game of Thrones tattoos! Tattoos are coming 😉

body art stereotypes misrepresent tattoo and body piercing culture’ – definitely much food for thought!

For once tattoos and other forms of body modification are handy à AZ-based restaurant wants to hire modified people.

Tattoos and skin cancer! Funny, how they phrase the headlines to catch our attention!

Eyeball tattooing.

Another ‘American Mary’ review. I didn’t manage to watch the whole movie; maybe one of these days, though!

Mum tattoos here!

Since I seem to be getting into ‘the Biggest Looser’ show, let me show you a guy who looks absolutely awesome – he’s damn fit, wonderfully buff and he’s heavily tattooed at that! Bob Harper, one of the trainers on the show!


cover your skin!

Not many links this week but the newsfeed still managed to bring some interesting ones:

How to prove your loyalty to your employer and score a pay rise at that? At this NYC brokerage it’s easy (kind of) – just get a tattoo of their logo!

There’s also a chance that once you get your tattoo done, you may land on the police register – this time it’s Queensland, Australia.

Fortunately, there’s also a call for open-mindness: letters from online readers!

A talk about tattoos and graffiti at Mobile Museum of Art, AL, USA.

Boston Strong temporary tattoos!

Nothing splendid but it’s nice to see familiar faces: a slide show called ‘would you do that to your face?’ (as if there was anything wrong with these faces!)

A nice submission from Bastian – Corey Miller on tattoos! (thank you!)