a tribute to Boston

The tragedy in Boston still in the news and it hit not only the runners but everyone else as well. Many people decided to get a tribute to the city in the form of body art. Since Boston and runners go hand in hand, the Boston Magazine prepared a very touching cover for their May issue as you can see below (taken from one of my fav websites!)


A really interesting interview with the author of the “Grandma’s tattoos’ documentary in one of the Polish newspapers. It’s def. worth reading although it seems that it’s not available online yet (all I’ve found so far is this short text from last year). The documentary was screened in Egypt recently.


Islamic women and body piercing.

It def/ made the headlines – what Obama would do if his daughters got tattoos.

Ear lobe reconstruction! As a bonus, an interview with Steve Truitt, one of the leading body modifiers, who talks why and how with quite annoying a radio host!

At first it seems like a great opportunity but it might not be such a good idea after all – ‘all you can sit’ special at one of the tattoo shops in CT, USA (the shop’s website here).

Zombie Boy visited Munich!

A few pictures from Wroclaw Tattoo Konwent.

batting a tattooed eye! ;)

The Huffington Post going strong again, presenting us two interesting pieces on body modification: Maud Wagner, one of the first tattooed women, and Russ Foxx himself on extreme body modifications!

It’s getting warmer, so the question of covering tattoos and accepting them at workplace pops up yet again; this time in pieces like ‘would you ever consider getting a tattoo?’ and ‘hide or not hide?’.

Nickel, cobalt sensitivity increases with number of piercings’ deals with metal allergies.

The Lexington Tattoo Project revisited!

Two Polish accents: ‘why people follow dangerous trends?’ (it won’t surprise you with the conclusions!) and ‘II Wroclaw Tattoo konwent’ (really soon!).

hooks, tattoos and fitness!

Art of suspension appears in the news not often enough IMHO but here we have quite a treat: the “On Tender Hooksdocumentary (appreciated by Allen Falkner, too) and a video of Dave Navarro doing a suicide suspension (an interesting difference between these two mentions of suspension, too!).

Tattoos are more tamed and thus appear in the news on daily basis. Here ‘how tattoos became favored form of art,’ as a statement for Tibetan cause, more on Chavez tattoos, Auschwitz tattoos now and tattoos as a means of identity for members of Mara Salvatrucha.

And yet tattoos are even more than (just) art, memory, identity r statement. It may also give you control over your body back: nipple tattoos vs. breast cancer.

This one is interesting for many reasons and one of them is that the author is Don Ed Hardy himself: ‘how to get rich by tattoos.’

A Polish accent thanks to an article about Yakuza.

I don’t really like posting stuff about celebs but this time I’m going to make an exception as it’s related to ‘Game of Thrones’ (I’m more into books than the TV series): “Cersei Lannister’s” tattoos.

Being fit is important (or it should be for these who love saying how their bodies are their temples, or at least blank canvas ;)), so I liked the idea to “tattoo” the bodies of the dancers!

Finally, since I’m still riding the high after my (7th!!! :)) half-marathon, let me share the pictures of body modification on fitness ‘guru’s’: Jillian Michaels and Gwen Lawrence. For me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a modified and fit body!