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around the world and back in time

A shift in perceiving tattoos in these texts: ‘tattoos: skin deep’ (tattoos in Pakistan), Chavez tattoos in Venezuela, tattoos and fashion at a convention in Argentina and ’10 years of tattooing in West Hollywood’ (a brief comparison of European and American tattooing included).

Tattoos and technology in pieces focused on electronic tattoos.

The Huffington Post delivers yet another story focused on tattoos and this time it’s trying to convince us that ‘tattoos and botox have more in common than [we] think.’ I guess they’re right, at least to a degree, and it reminded me of the Modify movie where of all extreme body mod procedures it was liposuction that made me cringe! It’s all in the eye of beholder, no?

A book on Black Flag tattoos! I’m actually sure it makes for an interesting read – if you come across something that makes you really passionate about it, you should treasure it! Having said that, I doubt I’ll ever get a tattoo devoted to Skinny Puppy 😉

Finally, two very interesting pieces focused on some history of tattooing: an interesting exhibition in Canada (Tattoos and Scrimshaw: Art of the Sailor) and a text focused on tattoos as a form of corporal punishment in Japan centuries ago.

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