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on the origin of tattoos and more

I like weird coincidents and this is one of them: last week Bastian recommended me an article by Nina Jablonski and here she pops up in the media discussing tattoos!

Tattoos and reasoning behind them was also discussed by Megan Massacre but it’s just a different caliber of discussion, isn’t it?

In other news, eyeball tattoos from the Caribbean region (and if someone’s interested in the subject, Shannon covers it really extensively on Modblog!) and tattoo artists in Arkansas against scarification and implants.

9 tips before getting pierced here.

A robot working, kind of, as a tattoo artist!

Autumn Swisher and her artful way to perceive body modification here.

Speaking of which, my new calendar from BAF has just arrived and this year it’s focused on last year’s First Annual Oslo Symposium and is illustrated with beautiful pictures by Helene Fjell! (and now i have no idea why they are aligned like this! :P)

2013-03-04 20.58.09 2013-03-04 20.58.17

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