body as a machine

An article about Shannon and another guy who also was involved in body modification (although a different sort).

Body modification and a sixth sense, and body hacking presented quite academically.

Pain Solution’s still touring the US.

The article on the rise of the tattoo craft briefly describes what a long way the tattoo art underwent to be where it is now. Quite ironically,methinks, there’s also one being a sign of our times: the Body Shocking Show TV series where in one of the episodes a man is having his genitals pierced on air.

Different types of tattoos: ‘terminator tattoos’ (nice!), recovery ink and temporary tattoos for belly buttons.

In the Polish army there’s a strong distinction between disfiguring and non-disfiguring tattoos; you can sport the latter and still be part of the army. Wonder how would they perceive mine? 😉

A ‘celeb tattoo hall of shame’ slid show is, in a way, also a shame!

nuns vs. tattoo artists – that’s a duel!

Pretty exotic this time around:

Tattoos in the post-war Iraq on the rise; a Muslim boy from Uganda in love with tattooing; better not to get a Buddha tattoo as a souvenir from a trip to Asia (politics aside, it’s actually a sensible move – we should respect others beliefs and culture!).

Good to be proud of your heritage! I hope that’s the reason behind the Fiji Airways’ move to decorate their new airplane with traditional tattoo designs!

Passion for Google or just an attempt to earn some money? A Google tattoo.

Where’s the Norwegian Pain Solution now? Probably still in the US as this flyer suggests.

A slide show letting us know how much the top tattoo artists charge here (in Polish).

An interview with Marcus the Creature.

Finally, something that seems quite cool: The American Bible Challenge featuring tattoo artists vs. nuns! Who said that Christianity can’t be both educational and fun? (at least so it seems!)

around the world and back in time

A shift in perceiving tattoos in these texts: ‘tattoos: skin deep’ (tattoos in Pakistan), Chavez tattoos in Venezuela, tattoos and fashion at a convention in Argentina and ’10 years of tattooing in West Hollywood’ (a brief comparison of European and American tattooing included).

Tattoos and technology in pieces focused on electronic tattoos.

The Huffington Post delivers yet another story focused on tattoos and this time it’s trying to convince us that ‘tattoos and botox have more in common than [we] think.’ I guess they’re right, at least to a degree, and it reminded me of the Modify movie where of all extreme body mod procedures it was liposuction that made me cringe! It’s all in the eye of beholder, no?

A book on Black Flag tattoos! I’m actually sure it makes for an interesting read – if you come across something that makes you really passionate about it, you should treasure it! Having said that, I doubt I’ll ever get a tattoo devoted to Skinny Puppy 😉

Finally, two very interesting pieces focused on some history of tattooing: an interesting exhibition in Canada (Tattoos and Scrimshaw: Art of the Sailor) and a text focused on tattoos as a form of corporal punishment in Japan centuries ago.

R.I.P Shannon!

An awful day for all of us involved in body modification! When I got a message from a friend, I really hoped that it was just some rumor along the ‘the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’ lines but, sadly, it was confirmed on Modblog!

I guess I could go on and on about what an important figure Shannon has been for me (even though we had never met in person) but it really doesn’t matter now. What really matters is to keep alive the things he cared about and created for us to use and enjoy!

I am very happy that I was lucky enough to be a part of BME at its best when the exchange of ideas and mutual support were at their strongest. BME opened me for many things and made my life so much richer and more colorful! In one way or another, I will always be ‘BME4Life”!

R.I.P Shannon! You are not gone and you won’t be forgotten!

on the origin of tattoos and more

I like weird coincidents and this is one of them: last week Bastian recommended me an article by Nina Jablonski and here she pops up in the media discussing tattoos!

Tattoos and reasoning behind them was also discussed by Megan Massacre but it’s just a different caliber of discussion, isn’t it?

In other news, eyeball tattoos from the Caribbean region (and if someone’s interested in the subject, Shannon covers it really extensively on Modblog!) and tattoo artists in Arkansas against scarification and implants.

9 tips before getting pierced here.

A robot working, kind of, as a tattoo artist!

Autumn Swisher and her artful way to perceive body modification here.

Speaking of which, my new calendar from BAF has just arrived and this year it’s focused on last year’s First Annual Oslo Symposium and is illustrated with beautiful pictures by Helene Fjell! (and now i have no idea why they are aligned like this! :P)

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