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suspended but not from hooks ;)

If you read/ follow Shannon Larratt’s blog, you know that from time to time he gets his Facebook account suspended because of the photos he posts (or used to post) on there. Turns out, Facebook can suspend your account even if your tattoo is not offensive at all – it’s enough that a pic shows some nudity. Yet another reason why I’m glad I don’t use this site. Quite different an approach to tattoos in question is described here.

A link to a discussion ‘are tattoos a turn off?’ For me, they are quite the opposite! 😛 Even stronger is this one article about Uzbekistan where tattoos were described as ‘causing moral damage’!

About a test for tattoo artists applying for a job here.

Expression through ink’ here and some info on the worst portrait tattoo in the world finally having been fixed!

When I saw these, I was so “I-wanna-have-em!!!’ and I probably would if the shop’s website wasn’t in Japanese!

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