suspended but not from hooks ;)

If you read/ follow Shannon Larratt’s blog, you know that from time to time he gets his Facebook account suspended because of the photos he posts (or used to post) on there. Turns out, Facebook can suspend your account even if your tattoo is not offensive at all – it’s enough that a pic shows some nudity. Yet another reason why I’m glad I don’t use this site. Quite different an approach to tattoos in question is described here.

A link to a discussion ‘are tattoos a turn off?’ For me, they are quite the opposite! 😛 Even stronger is this one article about Uzbekistan where tattoos were described as ‘causing moral damage’!

About a test for tattoo artists applying for a job here.

Expression through ink’ here and some info on the worst portrait tattoo in the world finally having been fixed!

When I saw these, I was so “I-wanna-have-em!!!’ and I probably would if the shop’s website wasn’t in Japanese!

bloody Valentine

Valentine’s Day’s over (and I’m still shocked with the news about Oscar Pistorius who always seemed a cool runner to me!) and there were, of course, some V-Day-related articles: Love ink. There’s also this interesting piece of news about the sudden love and lightning quick facial tattoo – most opinions on the subject are quite negative. Shannon Larratt approached it from a different angle but he also tried to show both sides of it. Ellen DeGeneres focused on misspelled tattoos (and such tattoos are usually dedicated to those dear to us) although some of these are kind of unbelievable!

An interesting take on scars (although not the ones related to scarification) here!

Health/ risks: keloids-prone skin and disease-sensing tattoos from Princeton? Also related are the links submitted by Bastian that focus on tattoo ink and health risks associated with it.

Books: ‘Painted People’ devoted to African cultures and a book published by penandink blog which seems a very interesting online place.

Body suspension: the title, ‘Suspensions: taking piercings to the extreme’ says it all!

Three articles in Polish: a local tattoo artist from Poznan, another one with very cool interests and finally an article about transsexuals with Roni Lachowicz featured.

Something in German: according to a survey, most young people find tattoos attractive.

tattourism and more

A classic book on women and tattoos, ‘Bodies of Subversion,’ is now updated and out! Also about women and tattoos are these articles: all-female tattoo shop in CT, tattoos over 50 – awesome or awful?, do tattooed women surprise anymore? (in Polish).

Body modification and being a donor: ‘tattoos and piercings may to blame for fall in young blood donors’ from the UK and a Polish one about tattoos and being a marrow donor. Also, ‘vaccine tattoos‘?

A really cool term and an interesting thing to do: tattourism!

A real treat for body suspension lovers: the Sinner Team and their free fall suspensions!