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Retrospection is good, so here you have a text about people who – back in the days – got a dot-com tattoo and some info on what they are doing now. Obviously, it’s not as commitment-free as these “tattoos.”

Great Britain is allegedly the most tattooed nation in the world!

Midwest represented by an article about Imani K. Brown, a black female tattoo artist (who is, we’re told, quite rare) and a fan who got the NDU’s Golden Dome tattoo on his scalp.

From Israel an article about tattooing livestock numbers to protest against animal cruelty.

Poland: one of the more popular local tattoo artists, Junior, was voted the best Polish tattoo artist of the last two decades. Another link shows yet another pathetic attempt of the breakfast TV to go alternative route – this time they’re trying to educate their audience on the subject of play piercing!

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