swallows and hooks

Kate Moss and her tattoo from Lucian Freud seems the biggest piece of news this passing week. To balance things a lil, here’s one about models and how tattoos can break their careers.

Interesting pictures from a tattoo convention in Colombia (suspension featured, too!).

Another tattoo convention, this time in New Zeland, hosts Paul Booth (with a short interview with him!).

Also, a short and interesting one about a founder of a prosthetic tattoos company.

R.I.P. and other pieces of news

Sad news: Stalking Cat and ManWoman died a few days ago. Here’s the links to Shannon Larrat’s blog where he reflects on both men.

With the Christmas approaching quite fast (first Christmas ads around), it’s nice to see that there are people who want to make the holiday season better for less lucky kids. Another interesting idea is a calendar featuring tattooed librarians.

Interesting profiles on two tattoo artist from totally different countries: the US and South Korea.

A bizarre accident featuring a navel piercing.

And finally something quite interesting in Polish – local scarification artists.

various contexts

Since the presidential election in the USA was the biggest moment of this week, let’s see how people are celebrating Obama’s reelection!

Some time ago I posted links to German articles on Holocaust tattoos; here you have some more on the subject, including a video about a documentary about these tattoos and people behind them.

The Huffington Post covers the subject of body modification again and from different angles at that! Here you have a piece about “human Ken doll,’ an attempt to analyze tattoos from a psychological perspective *ahem* and how being a tattoo artist may close you the school door on the career day!

In Australia Tattoo Academy is criticized for offering pre-apprenticeship courses to teenagers (here’s the site of the Academy).

Another one about the Czech tattooed presidential candidate.

From Germany a video covering the subject of various forms of body modification (not only tattoos but also body building and contortionism!).

un/ interesting perspectives

Retrospection is good, so here you have a text about people who – back in the days – got a dot-com tattoo and some info on what they are doing now. Obviously, it’s not as commitment-free as these “tattoos.”

Great Britain is allegedly the most tattooed nation in the world!

Midwest represented by an article about Imani K. Brown, a black female tattoo artist (who is, we’re told, quite rare) and a fan who got the NDU’s Golden Dome tattoo on his scalp.

From Israel an article about tattooing livestock numbers to protest against animal cruelty.

Poland: one of the more popular local tattoo artists, Junior, was voted the best Polish tattoo artist of the last two decades. Another link shows yet another pathetic attempt of the breakfast TV to go alternative route – this time they’re trying to educate their audience on the subject of play piercing!