paint and ink

Body paint/ art got some attention on the web this passing week: body modification-like body art here and an interesting body sculpture by an Australian artist here.

Body modification and charity: ‘tattoo artist a key to post-mastectomy world’ and a fund raiser for prostate cancer research.

A piercer with a sense of humor.

A German interview with the Mexican Vampire Woman.

Mitt Romney and tattoos again: this time a guy got tattooed his logo on his forehead … for money of course!

A Polish accent: Body Art Convention in Warsaw this week.

good and bad tattoos.

With Halloween fast approaching, here you have some “Halloween ideas with temporary tattoos.’ Also temporary are new Dior’s gold tattoos although they aren’t that cheap.

Interesting news from Great Britain where Scotland Yard bans visible body art on its employees.

The idea of tattoos used for a good cause in a German campaign focused on paraplegics!

Obama vs. Romney still on, so here an interesting take on Romney with some made-up tattoos involved and an article about tattooed US politicians.

Finally, Zombie Boy and his tattoos in a copy right dispute.

I’m back again! ;)

It’s been a while since I posted here and I blame it on the weather messing up with my net connection and then a massive workload which I had to tackle. It’s good to get some newsfeed fix on the subject again!

Exhibits go first: pictures of Chris Rainier and “L.A. Skin and Ink’ presenting an overview of tattoos over the last few decades in L.A.

There are more and more female tattoo artists and obviously there are some advantages of this phenomenon 😉

BBC presents tribal tattoos and stories behind them!

Holocaust tattoos and their improbable revival in German articles.

People: Lars Krutak and Mark Benecke.

Ultra-realistic tattoos really are impressive! I think I’ll get one of these on my shin!

Books: how to draw tattoo style and The Graphic Vein one.