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sometimes fashionable, sometimes a sign of gang affilliation

One of the most interesting pieces of news in this update is the one about German doctors voicing their concern about piercing children and proposing to ban it. Looks like it started with a 3-year-old kid whose parents took her to a tattoo shop to get her ear lobes pierced. It’s not the first such case, for sure, and now and then we also get reminded of dangers of henna tattoos and parental decisions (here a relatively new one about such a case from Australia).

Also medicine-related although in a different context is this Polish article about a recent trend among the people willing to donate their organs after their death who tattoo a sign of infinity on them. In the article you can read about it not only from the possible donors’ perspective but also what the doctors have to say about it.

US Air Force regulations for tattoos and body piercings’ is again about dress code and here you’ll find quite a gem: ‘Police force students to strip down to photograph their tattoos.’

The ‘Jersey Shore’ reality show is supposed to end soon; here an article discussing the question of the show and tattoos in NJ.

Tattoos and fashion: they are present again at the Fashion Week in New York and a tattoo parlor found its way into the new Christian Louboutain men’s store!

I came across this one on Modblog thanks to Shannon Larratt’s posting there (and it’s such a pleasure to see him blogging on mods again!!!) but then found it in the newsfeed myself: ‘I had a face tattoo for a week.’

Two miscellaneous ones to end this post: tattoos on tennis players and a nice submission from Bastian: body painting from South Korea!

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