better safe than sorry

The “Girl with the Anal Tattoo” (as she was called by some) still makes news. Here an article defending her choice but also an interview with a tattoo artist for those who are interested what it takes to get such a tattoo.

Better to be careful than daring, though as this recent health scare shows: contaminated tattoo ink.

Another one about the tattooed Siberian ‘princess’ from the long-gone times.

Scott Campbell and his “Noblesse Oblige’ exhibit show that for a good artist all media of expression are good. And here a less known tattoo artist but considering her location and cultural background, she’s still worth some of our attention.

A new book about tattoos.

Too bad that Paralympic Games don’t get enough coverage, so here just the regular kind: a swimmer, Missy Franklin, got her Olympic tattoo and more on others from the tattoo watch 2012.

A Polish accent in an article about tattoo scene in Rzeszow.

And a nice suspension video I’ve just found online: Dave Navarro’s suicide suspension.