cover up, at least when at work

Dress code strikes again and this time it’s in Canada, Germany and the US. Japan, esp. Osaka, still goes strong, too.

With this tattoo-hunt news, it’s actually nice to read about tattoo industry booming: ‘where tattoos mean real business’ (NYC) but it’s not only about big cities as Michigan (hardly one of the most entertaining and popular states ever, is it?) where interesting artists work, too.

Tattoo artists speak up about and against tattoo trends: ‘trends vs. custom work’ and ‘against tattoo fashion.’ On the other hand, an interesting article from the UK: an archeological discovery of 2,500-year-old tattoos on ‘Siberian princess’ showing that tattoos and their placements haven’t changed much during this time.

Something changed, though, as this ‘anal tattoo’ shows! Here you can also read an interview with the girl in question.

A piece of news from Germany tries to tell us that the poorer you are, the more tattoos you have (or so says a survey they conducted there!).

Finally, something to watch and maybe check out: 10 tattoo artists you should follow on instagram.