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This review of a book by Jim Ward is def. worth checking out! I’m always glad to see new posts on Shannon’s blog, especially when they are on the subject of body modification.

Nelson Mandela‘s 94th birthday was covered on TV and in other media; here you have two videos showing people getting tattoos of the Man!

Funnily enough I also came across this article, ‘5 Obama tattoo tales,’ where you can read thoughts of people who got their Obama tattoos and what they think about it now.

A big or just interesting piece of news? ‘FBI to add body art to its biometric database.’

I’m looking forward to this year’s Olympic Games (seeing how the Euro thing wasn’t that exciting for me ;)), so maybe I should get some Olympic temporary tattoos? It’s a way to profit and show one’s opinions, too: ‘Olympic athlete gets paid to wear temporary tattoo.’

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