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we are all sinners, no?

With my new tattoo sitting fast approaching, let’s read about various stands on tattoos, shall we?

tatted up. why we sin against our skin?‘ tries to explain how tattoos are not a wise choice to show who we are. Another one, in Polish, briefly explains how according to psychologists there are three groups of people that get tattooed – those who do that for aesthetic reasons, those who get tattooed for mainly ideological reasons and finally those who have no limits. These psychologists must have *not* done a very thorough and wide-world research, I guess.

A new tattoo trend: ring tattoos and matching tattoos for couples (pretty much the same category).

Tattoos as a nice way to help out: fund raising for troops and for pit bulls.

Tattoos as a form of art and a part of a national heritage: Tattoo Nation documentary about black and grey tattoos.

Another ray of light shed on profession of tattoo artist: “what it’s like to be a tattoo artist?

And finally some hook fun from Bastian: “a flight in the woods” portraying a suspension meet in a great location!

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