tattoos = ……..

Stereotyping people with tattoos takes different forms in different cultures as we know it. This subject’s resurfacing in the media again. Here we have Horiyoshi taking his stand on the subject, an American girl denied a job because of her tattoos, a Polish article advising to cover tattoos at work (and with some “interesting” comments to boot) and not that strong article arguing “why tattoos shouldn’t be stigmatized.’

We’ve already seen “Miami/ whatever Ink,’ ‘Tattoo School’ and ‘Ink Master.’ If you think there’s nothing else about tattoos to exploit, you are mistaken. Now it’s time for ‘America’s Worst Tattoos’ and they’ll appear on TV very soon. Here also a brief Q&A with Megan Massacre .

An interesting ‘Tattoo Witness Project’ in Arkansas.

And since the Euro 2012 is still going strong, here some information on football players and their tattoos.