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you can’t escape the Euro ’12 thing!

Only a few nice links this weekend:

Recently there have been many online articles about the job market almost forcing people to remove their tattoos in order to get “employable;” this one is a nice change as it shows that sometime sit’s ok to show your employer what’s on/ in your skin: ‘love for the employer.’

My tattoo convention review is already posted and here a link to some info on a convention in quite exotic location: Icelandic Tattoo convention.

An interesting piece of body art christened “ no-brainer tattoo” by a British newspaper.

Finally something reflecting the Euro madness going on here: “Euro football stars and their tattoos” although don’t expect a slide show in this one.

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One response to “you can’t escape the Euro ’12 thing!

  1. bastian ⋅

    No slideshow? Come on, now, there’s tons of picture articles about players’ tattoos out there! I’ll send you some links!

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