thank gawds for the tattooed bananas!

A weekly update a bit earlier this week as I’m spending my weekend away from my computers and the breaking news.

More news from Osaka, Japan where the Osaka mayor got really interested in his employees’ tattoos.

Also from Asia about growing popularity of tattoos among urban Nepali youth.

USA: female tattoo artists speak up about their work experience and dealing with gender prejudice. Another one from Baltimore, MD is also a sign of times: tattoos and technology converge… might be true. I know that for my next tattoo session I’m going to take my Kindle to play with it.

An interesting submission from Bastian: teenagers and plastic surgery in Germany.

And here’s a nice one: how to tattoo a banana? And just to show that I also have some experience in this field, below you can see a piece of banana skin tattooed by me last year at the TattooFest event; it was harder to do than I expected!