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mom tattoos, iDermals and more

Mother’s Day means mom tattoos and, sure enough, there’s some coverage on that: tattoos for mother’s day and a new book by Henk Schiffmacher focused on – that’s right – mom tattoos (it’s a beginning of the series, though, so hopefully there will be other motifs covered as well!).

Politicians doing well in the news, too, and thanks to the Huffington Post we can learn about some American politicians and their body art.

Sad news about M. Sendak, so here’s some tribute paid to him and his famous book.

Tattoo conventions: Baltimore and upcoming NYC one.

An interesting article from Australia discussing a proposal of tattoo service in the Australian prisons and obstacles on its way to be approved.

For those interested: how to become a tattoo artist (in German) and an interview with a guy who made it.

This one hit the news in a really spectacular way and you can read about the idea of iDermal here and here and here and here and here and here !

Miscellaneous: Tom Cruise looking weird (and tattooed) in his new movie, tattoos for dogs (and from Bastian some information on a German campaign against animal branding), tattoos of the dead (it’s pretty interesting, actually!) and Ami James talking tattoos and turbulence.

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2 responses to “mom tattoos, iDermals and more

  1. bastian

    now you need to go and trademark “iDermal”!

  2. Ania ⋅

    or rather the guy who came up with the name 😉

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