covers, mobile devices and some good spirit

An earlier post (again) as I’m spending this weekend at a tattoo convention.

Speaking of which, here another one about NYC convention with lots of pics. Since it’s focused on women, here’s a text informing us on ‘7 places women should never get a tattoo.’

Another tattoo convention described in this one from New Zealand.

The Huffington Post gives us a piece on spirituality of tattoos this week. Not that spiritual but certainly quite passionate is also this short interview with a local tattoo artist describing his job and calling.

David Beckham landed on a new cover of Elle magazine which is allegedly quite a big thing. Good time also for his regular tattoo artist, Lou Molloy, who’s going to show his work in Sweden.

Instattoo may be your chance if you need a new tattoo idea.

A tattoo artist’s take on summertime body art’ should remind us of taking a good care of our tattoos.

And finally a really cool tattooed lettering by Neil Gaiman!

not all ears

The Osaka tattoo case still going strong! And here also an article about ambiguity of tattoos in Japan.

Stereotypes about tattooed people also somewhere else: ‘in God’s image’ and the tattooed people’s alleged promiscuity.

Body piercings and health issues from the Huffington Post.

Women and their tattoos at NYC Tattoo convention and Zombie Boy in Moscow.

A little bit about lettering tattoos.

And fascinating facts about earlobe (not many, though).

Speaking of earlobes, that’s mine (categorized as ‘me and my modifications,’ of course ;)) – 1/2” lobes look great, don’t they?

thank gawds for the tattooed bananas!

A weekly update a bit earlier this week as I’m spending my weekend away from my computers and the breaking news.

More news from Osaka, Japan where the Osaka mayor got really interested in his employees’ tattoos.

Also from Asia about growing popularity of tattoos among urban Nepali youth.

USA: female tattoo artists speak up about their work experience and dealing with gender prejudice. Another one from Baltimore, MD is also a sign of times: tattoos and technology converge… might be true. I know that for my next tattoo session I’m going to take my Kindle to play with it.

An interesting submission from Bastian: teenagers and plastic surgery in Germany.

And here’s a nice one: how to tattoo a banana? And just to show that I also have some experience in this field, below you can see a piece of banana skin tattooed by me last year at the TattooFest event; it was harder to do than I expected!

mom tattoos, iDermals and more

Mother’s Day means mom tattoos and, sure enough, there’s some coverage on that: tattoos for mother’s day and a new book by Henk Schiffmacher focused on – that’s right – mom tattoos (it’s a beginning of the series, though, so hopefully there will be other motifs covered as well!).

Politicians doing well in the news, too, and thanks to the Huffington Post we can learn about some American politicians and their body art.

Sad news about M. Sendak, so here’s some tribute paid to him and his famous book.

Tattoo conventions: Baltimore and upcoming NYC one.

An interesting article from Australia discussing a proposal of tattoo service in the Australian prisons and obstacles on its way to be approved.

For those interested: how to become a tattoo artist (in German) and an interview with a guy who made it.

This one hit the news in a really spectacular way and you can read about the idea of iDermal here and here and here and here and here and here !

Miscellaneous: Tom Cruise looking weird (and tattooed) in his new movie, tattoos for dogs (and from Bastian some information on a German campaign against animal branding), tattoos of the dead (it’s pretty interesting, actually!) and Ami James talking tattoos and turbulence.

local hunger ;)

My favorite ‘local touch’ represented by: a female tattoo artist from OH, weird tattoos from Omaha, NE and a documentary ‘marked for life’ from FL.

An interesting article about body piercing trend on the rise in Saudi Arabia (among women at that!).

And ‘Hunger Games’-related tattoos – the book(s) and the movie are still popular, so take a look what the fuss is all about if you don’t know it yet!

book review: Body Art 3

 It  wasn’t that easy to wait for another volume of the Bizarre’s Body Art series and not only because there were several months of wait between publishing Body Art 2 and 3. Once it was available at the end of March 2012, Amazon decided to play tricks on me and my copy took almost 4 weeks to land in my mailbox. Once in, however, it took only casual flipping through it to see that this time it won’t be a disappointment, either.

Those of us who read the first two volumes of the series will see that the format of the books was more or less preserved. You will still find here such sections as short chapters on given mods (this time it’s facial tattoos and saline injections, so brace up for Japanese kids with very interesting faces!) and pages devoted to readers’ tattoos. The Bizarre magazine tries to keep up the pace with the body modification artists, however, so you can also find here some information on quite radical procedures. And that’s just the moment when new ‘body mod masterclasses’ appear again. This time they focus on 3-D tattoos, branding, eyebrow removal and a few other ideas that have been made doable by body artists. Of course, no one can expect a very exact how-to instruction; the info is quite brief and focuses on very basic things therefore everyone out there should make sure not to take the book as a manual!

What I liked about this volume the best, though, was its focus on people who’ve made the body modification industry and subculture the way it is now. There’s a very interesting (even though brief again) section devoted to ‘metal gurus’ where Samppa von Cyborg (who is also featured in other places of the book as a sort of a guide around the world of modern body modifications), Steve Haworth and Lukas Zpira who all have their big share in having made the body modification concept and possibilities what they are now. I was particularly happy, though, when I saw a short interview with Shannon Larratt right there (although somehow I doubt that Shannon would take a label ‘metal guru’ seriously!) as he has been and continues to be a huge inspiration for so many of us out there.

The people focus doesn’t end here yet as you can also find here such interesting personas as La Negra, the Scary Guy and Lars Krutak who nicely combines the TV glitter, body mod edge and the academic world. A very interesting interview was also conducted with ManWoman who many of us got to know first via the Modern Primitives book, so this way the Bizarre made a nice bow towards the past and showed the present and let us be up to date on the man/woman whose life purpose is to reclaim the meaning of swastika. The gesture towards the past is nicely juxtaposed with another bow towards the future as here you’ll also find pages devoted to Stellarc , professor Kevin Warwick and Samppa (again) with his fascinating idea of a vibrating penis implant.

If the reader’s head begins to spin with all these ideas and possibilities, they can use another good addition to this volume and that is body mod glossary that explains the most popular kinds of body modification introduced to the reader both in this and previous Body Art books. Add to it good quality photos and not bad writing and you can’t go wrong with Body Art 3.

Of course, there are things that you could find lacking here. A short bibliography or at least some recommended reading list would be good. More interviews with such talented and very reputable artists like Brian Decker and performers like the Lizardman would be more than welcome (not to mention suspension pioneers like Allen Falkner or Havve Fjell). More focus on the history of body modification both in the western world and in other cultures (along with some recommended books on the subject) would be great. Let’s not forget, though, that these books are more along the handy (pocket-size) encyclopedia on the subject rather than very thorough treatises on many different aspects of body modification.

Am I satisfied with this one? Yes as it celebrates body modification again! It shows both these who are a part of this world and these who may feel afraid of even looking at tattoos how beautiful and meaningful such ‘decorations’ can be. Do I expect more? Yes because the subject is vast and there’s still a lot to cover!

Body Art 3, Titan Books 2012

reading time

Seeing how I have a little free time on my hands (national holidays – 3 in a row ;)), let’s see what’s interesting to read out there:

The Huffington Post seems to like tattoos: it mentions a video series ‘Off Book’ focused on tattoos and also posts a slide show of art-inspired tattoos.

Stellarc and Scary Guy appeared in online articles.

An article from India shares a very American (I dare say) opinion that mass events are a good opportunity for tattoo artists to earn an extra buck while an article from Kenya discusses a career from a banker to a tattoo artist.

And finally, an interesting piece of news from Osaka, Japan where the city government wants to know if and where its employees have tattoos.