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let’s drink to it!

The biggest piece of news (or maybe the greatest and truest revelation of all times) of the last few days was probably the *cough* ‘scientific fact’ that the tattooed and pierced people drink more than others. Should we trust this study? 😉

Drunk or not, there are more and more tattooed people out there: a tattoo convention in Nepal proves that, tattoo popularity growing in Canada, Polish ‘new urban fashion’ (silly as it sounds).

In different contexts: tattooed Mums but not for the kids and Dr. Martens boots also ‘tattooed.’

Etched in skin, a sign from the heart’ brings our attention to the Aboriginal culture and people who want to keep it alive.

Ear stretching a.k.a. ‘gauging’ (:P)

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One response to “let’s drink to it!

  1. bastian

    Well then, PROST! 🙂

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