tattoos and languages

A nice treat for all of us loving text tattoos: Litreactor combines love for literature and tattoos (this short article in Dutch brought my attention to it).

Body art broadly speaking: body in Arab art featured in France and an exhbit devoted to Maori culture in Germany (the museum’s website).

It goes without saying that languages are great, even if you don’t speak them fluently. The Chinese seem to be fascinated with tattoos in English now and how many of us Westerners have sinned with a Chinese character tattooed on us?

From Australia a short article about the tattooed feeling discriminated and trying to fight a negative image stuck to them. From the USA a somewhat cheesy but also nice story about people being people no matter what they look!

A small follow-up of Game of Thrones tattoos.

A nice way to show that the modified can and actually do something good for their communities: a fundraiser for an autism charity at a local shop.