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old and new, old and young

A little more information on the new Harris Poll in this article and much more here.

Popular as they are, they may also be popular among the older people. Here a short article with a few ideas for tattoos for grandparents although not all of them seem *that* brilliant.

Tattoos at work: do they hurt your lifetime earnings? Don’t expect a very detailed and profound answer, though.

I was wondering if ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ would inspire people to get such a design done and obviously it does but according to this article, people get dragon tattoos also for different reasons.

Interesting profiles of two tattoo artists: old school Tony Polito and a younger generation: an American that became a Japanese tattoo artist (his website here).

Finally, a really interesting project called ‘Transactivation’ that unites such topics as body transformation, gender and art.

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