tools and hooks

The Evolution of Body Art’ penned by Joe Capobianco.

Tattoos as a way to show devotion to a novel/ film: Hunger Games tattoos. And tattoos as a way to profit from a popularity of a show: very Lannister-like, I’d say 😉 (personally, I’d go for the Stark House!).

An interesting way to draw our attention to the way we live and raise our kids: ‘the tattooed babies.’

Trying to change the negative stereotypes: Modified Dolls.

Dita Von Teese talking with Jean Paul Gaultier about tattoos and other things.

Tooth tattoos as a diagnostic tool.

And hooks again: Jared Anderson and his passion.

not always about looks

what tattoos tell about you’ and ‘significance of the flower tattoos’ aren’t as deep as they claim to be.

Margot Mifflin, the author of ‘Bodies of Subversion,’ is up to republishing it; she also discusses the history of Olive Ooates. The subject of women and tattoos is also found in a Canadian article claiming that women are going for bigger and bolder tattoos these days.

Interesting pictures and some theory in a short article about dot tattoos.

An inspiration? A woman so obsessed with carrots that she got carrot tattoos.

A rare treat from New Zealand: an article about suspension!

branding and suspension, not necessarily the way you like’em!

I love ambiguous titles! When I saw this one referring to Zombie Boy and branding, I definitely started thinking along the ‘OUCH’ lines and it turned out totally differently; pretty interesting, though.

Another interesting one is about Stellarc and his new suspension performance. Worth checking out.

Kind of related is an article about Nokia’s plans to make ‘haptic tattoos.’

This time the Huffington Post gives us a slide show focused on body art from the Omo Valley in Africa.

A short article from New Zealand discusses apprenticeship in the tattoo industry.

Health risks: tongue piercing strikes yet again!

Finally, some reassuring news from the Ink TV ‘biz’: plans to create some new ones!

entertainment mostly

And the winner of the Ink Master show is ………… .

Some eye candy for Kat Von D’s fans – her birthday seemed to be a great opportunity to post lots about her tattoos.

Another tattoo artist came up with an idea how to make a ‘tattoo’ for Nokia cell phones (I’m still going to stick to a BAF sticker that adorns my own phone, though). Also for tattoo fans a ‘Tattoo You app for iPad.

A nice article focused on tattoos in movies. In a similar vein some info on a mockumentary called ‘Dellusions in Modern Primitivism.’

Some more info on Sak Yant in Thailand – finally some meatier substance, eh?

From Canada a pice of news focused on tattoo handbook created to be a tool to fight organized crime.

And a nicely simple and cool idea – map tattoos.

old and new, old and young

A little more information on the new Harris Poll in this article and much more here.

Popular as they are, they may also be popular among the older people. Here a short article with a few ideas for tattoos for grandparents although not all of them seem *that* brilliant.

Tattoos at work: do they hurt your lifetime earnings? Don’t expect a very detailed and profound answer, though.

I was wondering if ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ would inspire people to get such a design done and obviously it does but according to this article, people get dragon tattoos also for different reasons.

Interesting profiles of two tattoo artists: old school Tony Polito and a younger generation: an American that became a Japanese tattoo artist (his website here).

Finally, a really interesting project called ‘Transactivation’ that unites such topics as body transformation, gender and art.