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With Fat Thursday already behind us and a period of fasting right in front, let’s get to read about some Christianity-related things, spiced up with some ink, of course: Lenten tattoos becoming popular in Houston Christian circles and there’s also an article about a Christian tattoo shop based in Houston.

Two sides of the dress code coin in an article about university professors not being very shy/ secretive about their tattoos and an update on tattoo ban for policemen in Australia (first posted about it here).

The eternal growing popularity of tattoos proved once again in new results of the Harris Poll but also by a new online community for the tattooed (mySkindustry) and an interesting array of tattooed Olympians.

I do miss the old BME with its experience sharing system, so I read this very interesting tattoo experience (of sort) with a great pleasure! That’s what it should be all about – sharing and enjoying body art on ourselves and on others as well!

Don Ed Hardy ventures into the art world (again? or he’s always been a part of it?) with his solo exhibit ‘Paintings and Small Sculptures.’

Finally, a facebook ‘treat’ although I cannot guarantee it’s true (facebook-free here, thank you very much!) but even if it’s fake, it could still teach us a few things – ‘think before you ink’ indeed and keep imortant things to yourself – no need for the new gossip in the global village!

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