(un)popular enough

I haven’t seen the season 1 yet and here there’s news about prospects for season 2 of the Ink Master show.

This notorious growing popularity of tattoos leads to: a dating site (the site itself), tattoo apps and tattees. Pretty interesting signs of the times!

I liked this one about seniors getting tattooed; at least in their case the question ‘how your tattoo will look when you re 80’ is sooo off!

Are tattoos popular enough to make such bans are these in Australia and IA, USA totally undoable?

Speaking of bans, here’s a pretty interesting Q&A focused on tattoos.

Thanks to Bastian for an article about Thai monks and their tattoos! Always interesting to read about it.

And something in Polish: a short article about a tattoo festival in Lodz and another one about a doll ‘tattooed’ with traditional Polish designs.