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TV pulp and some substance

Still lots of buzz about the ‘Ink Master’ show. The most interesting, IMHO, so far, though, was a blog post on the subject by Shannon Larratt.

A Polish article warns against quick decisions and random tattoos, this American one points out what kinds of ‘artists’ we should avoid while this one from France briefly discusses a new fashion collection by Jean Paul Gaultier – looks like tattoos are in again.

Quite shocking (and probably that’s why the media love it!): a GA woman allowed her 10-year-old son to get a tattoo.

Nicely interesting: a little information on a tattoo documentary ‘Color Outside the Lines’ and an article from Australia focused on female convicts’ tattoos back in the 19th century.

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One response to “TV pulp and some substance

  1. Wow… You know, Tim tattooed a 12 year old quite a few years back and his mom gave parental consent for the procedure. In fact, she was there the whole time.

    There was a write up in the local paper, some heads of course rolled but for the most part it was OK. No charges were laid or anything of the sort. It was a memorial piece for his brother, not something shall we say; less tasteful?

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