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dragon and other tattoos

A nice submission from Bastian (thank you!): a short video covering a tattoo convention in Germany; not very new but still interesting.

More visual coverage on tattoos in articles discussingInk Master.’

Both in English and Dutch: Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

I’m re-watching the Swedish version of the Millennium trilogy and anxiously awaiting a chance to watch the American production, so here articles on Lisbeth Salander (in Polish, though!).

Speaking of films, here’s a slide show on tattoos in films.

The body as art’ discusses mostly ear stretching which is good on its own (not that frequent a topic) but also throws in a few words on spirituality that some people associate with body modification.

Some spirituality also in this article describing Christian body art.

Finally, a touch of outrage in a silly slide show.

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3 responses to “dragon and other tattoos

  1. bastian ⋅

    Well, how ’bout a trip to the movie theater for the David Fincher version of the movie? It should be playing for awhile more….

  2. aniareads ⋅

    yep but not having much time now;
    oh, I also wanna see Sherlock Holmes 2! R. downey Jr. is an awesome Holmes!

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