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the first one in 2012

A few nice ones for a good start into 2012:

Ami James and his tattoos-related soap opera in the first episode’s recap. Quite unexpectedly for me (I had no idea such a TV show existed), he also appeared in a ‘All-American Muslim’ show.

New year brings new laws,’ also for tattoo industry.

A very interesting article from Australia about a Japanese tattoo master, Horihiro!

Finally, not body art but for the cows involved it must have felt like that – body painting!

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2 responses to “the first one in 2012

  1. bastian ⋅

    Now that’s Cow-Art!
    It was a pleasure reading all your entries in 2011, and here’s to your little blog continuing with bringing us the good stuff in this brand-new year also!
    Happy New Year to You!

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