Down Under and some other stuff

A few interesting ones from the southern hemisphere this week!

An Australian artist inspired by traditional scarification; then articles about 20 Maori heads returned to their native land and a quite interesting article about modern Maori considering revival of head preservation. On not that good side, however, there’s also an article on banning tattoos on NSW police.

Body art spiritual experience’ tries to show what it’s all about for many of us while two articles from Philadelphia discuss a growing trend of facial ink among young people. And here’s also another one about ear lobe reconstruction.

Answers to some piercing questions here and here a brief discussion on quality and price of tattoos.

A nice bunch of pics from a tattoo festival in Venezuela! And how you can’t love stretched lobes?

TV pulp and some substance

Still lots of buzz about the ‘Ink Master’ show. The most interesting, IMHO, so far, though, was a blog post on the subject by Shannon Larratt.

A Polish article warns against quick decisions and random tattoos, this American one points out what kinds of ‘artists’ we should avoid while this one from France briefly discusses a new fashion collection by Jean Paul Gaultier – looks like tattoos are in again.

Quite shocking (and probably that’s why the media love it!): a GA woman allowed her 10-year-old son to get a tattoo.

Nicely interesting: a little information on a tattoo documentary ‘Color Outside the Lines’ and an article from Australia focused on female convicts’ tattoos back in the 19th century.

dragon and other tattoos

A nice submission from Bastian (thank you!): a short video covering a tattoo convention in Germany; not very new but still interesting.

More visual coverage on tattoos in articles discussingInk Master.’

Both in English and Dutch: Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

I’m re-watching the Swedish version of the Millennium trilogy and anxiously awaiting a chance to watch the American production, so here articles on Lisbeth Salander (in Polish, though!).

Speaking of films, here’s a slide show on tattoos in films.

The body as art’ discusses mostly ear stretching which is good on its own (not that frequent a topic) but also throws in a few words on spirituality that some people associate with body modification.

Some spirituality also in this article describing Christian body art.

Finally, a touch of outrage in a silly slide show.

regrets, eye candy and dragon tattoos

‘You’ll regret it later’ is what is so often said about body modifications, so no wonder the mass media love to show the general opinion on the subject is right. Here we have an example of ear lobe stretching regret. The language this article is written in is definitely interesting: ‘dangling ear parts, ear distortion that needed to be overcome, unsightly.’ A nice job on staying objective?

Tattoos in church? In Flint, MI it’s quite possible.

QR Code’ tattoos and some general musings on the subject. Here’s also more on the QR Code tattoos.

Ink reality TV represented by Chris Nunez of the Miami Ink fame: him talking Ink Master, tattoos and human canvasses.

Eye candy for the masses: David Beckham advertising underwear and showing off his body and his tattoos. As a bonus, an overview of Beckham’s tattoos.

I’m in the middle of re-reading of the Millennium trilogy, so I’m into Lisbeth Salander’s story again. Here an answer to the ‘what dragon tattoo really costs?’ question and, for comparison values, a link to a picture of a dragon tattoo on Noomi Rapace who was an original Lisbeth in the Swedish version of the movie. Whose dragon tattoo is more interesting?

the first one in 2012

A few nice ones for a good start into 2012:

Ami James and his tattoos-related soap opera in the first episode’s recap. Quite unexpectedly for me (I had no idea such a TV show existed), he also appeared in a ‘All-American Muslim’ show.

New year brings new laws,’ also for tattoo industry.

A very interesting article from Australia about a Japanese tattoo master, Horihiro!

Finally, not body art but for the cows involved it must have felt like that – body painting!