another short news coverage

A little bit more on the tattooed private parts of our distant forefathers in Dutch.

Tattooed and (pierced) celebrities of sort: Lucky Diamond Rich soon in New Zealand, Zombie Boy in German and Polish articles and a really awful commentary on Rolf – really, if you don’t have anything nice to say, why to say anything?

From Canada, ‘a day in the life of a tattoo artist;’ don’t expect too many details, though.

In the States District Columbia is going to regulate the tattoo/ body piercing industry.

Lips tattoos and other beauty trends’ from TX – but nothing real.

Finally, with Christmas madness fast approaching (I’ve spotted some Xmas-themed commercials on TV already and it’s still November!!!) another nice example of ‘modified charity’: ‘trading toys for body ink and piercings’ in the US.