a bit from the East, a tad from the West

China in the news: calling for more regulations for tattoo shops and a surprising piece of news from the Chinese army that’s supposedly open for the tattooed and overweight now. Also fromAsia, a short interesting article on tattoos in Korea (the south one probably).

A good time for Henk Schiffmacher who’s just opened the biggest tattoo museum in the world. Another link to a review of the DVD ‘Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World.’ In other related news, Kat Von D is launching her clothing line.

A book review represented by ‘Science Ink’ book; coincidentally, Bastian just sent me this link: body modification on academics.

Other interesting ones: ‘a fashion stretch’ on ear lobe stretching (warning” don’t read if you’re allergic to ‘gauges’!) and tattoo inks and health concerns.