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A rare gem in the newsfeed this week: an article on ear stretching and it’s on the BBC’s website at that!

Also from the UK and sprinkled with the British humor: ‘98% tattoos using Chinese characters are actually insults.’

This weekend it’s tattoo convention time inAuckland, New Zealand, so here’s an interesting article on the subject: ‘tattoo traditions leave a mark.’

Also from that hemisphere is an article discussing the dark side of the industry: ‘Queensland tattoo industry and link to bikies.’

The Washington Post posted an article discussing the modern Iraq and its youth who’s creating their own American image by means of music and tattoos.

The finances-stained side of the industry: Nike’s going to produce jackets inspired by a certain football player’s tattoos while Ami James will strike again with his NY Ink.

another short news coverage

A little bit more on the tattooed private parts of our distant forefathers in Dutch.

Tattooed and (pierced) celebrities of sort: Lucky Diamond Rich soon in New Zealand, Zombie Boy in German and Polish articles and a really awful commentary on Rolf – really, if you don’t have anything nice to say, why to say anything?

From Canada, ‘a day in the life of a tattoo artist;’ don’t expect too many details, though.

In the States District Columbia is going to regulate the tattoo/ body piercing industry.

Lips tattoos and other beauty trends’ from TX – but nothing real.

Finally, with Christmas madness fast approaching (I’ve spotted some Xmas-themed commercials on TV already and it’s still November!!!) another nice example of ‘modified charity’: ‘trading toys for body ink and piercings’ in the US.

some good links to go to

A little bit more on the new tattoo museum in Amsterdam!

Safety comes first when body modification is involved, so thumbs-up for the campaign focused just on that in the UK.

An interesting (even if a bit vague), short article on genital piercings from a clinical point of view; hopefully it’s just the beginning. Also interesting and going thousands of years back: ‘prehistoric men scarred, pierced and tattooed their privates.’

Tattoos and the sacred in book reviews: books focused on Thailand’s sak yant tattoos and a book called ‘Earthen Vessels’ which devotes some of its space to tattoos on the modern evangelical youth in the US.

Also related to books in a way: a complex history of tattooed comic book characters.

A new documentary on tattoos, ‘Skin,’ asks if tattoos are fine art.

Soldiers and their tattoos in the Time magazine.

Stretched ear lobes and their reversal in an article fromNew Zealand.

Tattoos used as a learning tool: lesson plan for identifying science symbols.

Hopefully these promises are getting fulfilled about now: Body Art Convention in Warsaw, Poland.

a bit from the East, a tad from the West

China in the news: calling for more regulations for tattoo shops and a surprising piece of news from the Chinese army that’s supposedly open for the tattooed and overweight now. Also fromAsia, a short interesting article on tattoos in Korea (the south one probably).

A good time for Henk Schiffmacher who’s just opened the biggest tattoo museum in the world. Another link to a review of the DVD ‘Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World.’ In other related news, Kat Von D is launching her clothing line.

A book review represented by ‘Science Ink’ book; coincidentally, Bastian just sent me this link: body modification on academics.

Other interesting ones: ‘a fashion stretch’ on ear lobe stretching (warning” don’t read if you’re allergic to ‘gauges’!) and tattoo inks and health concerns.