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hooked not only on tattoos

Art of body suspension comes under fire’ and two others are quite interesting to read although the said fire is very local one and you won’t find here big names and spectacular experiences.

Body piercing academy’ seems less controversial than ‘TattooSchool.’

’10 things your tattoo artist wants you to set straight on’ is quite interesting although I found this interview with Dave Navarro much better!

Tattos and jobs in two articles from two different continents: ‘jobless because of tattoos and piercings?’ from Germanyand ‘trying to end [tattoo] stigma’ from the USA.

A book on tattoos: ‘Visionaries of tattoo.’

Something for Bastian? 😉 ‘US Troops inAfghanistan: guns, tattoos and eyebrow threading.’

Finally, something both morbid and quite predictable: Amy Winehouse temporary tattoos.’

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3 responses to “hooked not only on tattoos

  1. bastian ⋅

    hmmmm – how could you possible know that this would be of interest to me? 😉
    And I met Shane (the guy quoted in the first article – we both went to Dallas a few times! It’s a small world…

  2. aniareads ⋅

    yep, it sure is!

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