tis and tat ;)

Tattoos and fashion united again at Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show.

Celeb glitter thanks to Kat Von D who is going to try what it’s like to be a musician.

Female tattoo artists also in this ‘local’ article.

A small tribute to Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) in ‘the best and craziest Steve Jobs and Apple tattoos.’

Another slide show focuses on full body tattoos.

A little more on ‘Tattoo Witness’ exhibit.

As a proud owner of a rather big rib tattoo, I love reading about this placement and how painful it is: ‘reasons to smile through painful bouts of rib ink.’

Bastian’s comment on this one was quite priceless, so maybe he’ll share it kinda publicly again. For now, just a glimpse of German soldiers on a mission and their tattoos.

News fromPoland: Body Art Convention scheduled on November 2011 and a quite interesting article on tattoos as seen from anthropological and sociological perspective.