once in a while there’s more interesting stuff

and it’s true as sometimes articles on the subject are just dull. This time however…

Two articles on London Tattoo Convention from the last weekend; one of them has a really funny title referring to ‘body scratchers’ what in this industry is *not* a nice thing to hear!

This weekend inPoland is about the second edition of the tattoo festival in Poznan. Last year the guys from my regular shop grabbed a lot of awards at this one, so maybe this time they’ll repeat it, too?

With the upcoming election inPolandit’s interesting to read about election strategies in other countries; here Peru and temporary tattoos which proved to be a successful part of one politician’s strategy.

Kate Moss just became a jewelry designer and tattoos inspired her quite heavily. Another celebrity, known as Zombie Boy, decided to get a photo shoot showing him without his tattoos.

Another interesting bunch of pictures at a museum in an exhibit called ‘tattoo witness.’

Two good ones about tattoos and stereotypes: ‘tattoos-covered teacher inNewark’ and ‘stamping out the persistent myths and misconceptions about tattoos.’

Finally something that’s been quite fascinating for myself lately: ear stretching and why it’s still so popular among people of different cultures.