stereotypes and fun

A French tattoo artist started ‘cyber-squatting’ a website who could be of a good use to Nicolas Sarkozy in order to draw some attention to the tattoo industry. Somewhere else tattooed women decided to focus on charity to fight stereotypes associated with the tattooed and the industry members themselves are doing exactly the same thing in other ways at their ‘Meeting of the Marked.’

Against the stereotypes is also Rolf, the most pierced man in the world.

A touch of humor with these two: Kardashian ‘tattoos’ and … toilet ‘tattoos.’

new stuff

news from the passing week

Parents got outraged by a new tattooed Barbie.

Zombie Boy played with a Dermablend product to show how effective this stuff is.

In Atlanta,GA, there’s a new tattoo craze called the Walking Dead.

In OH a tattoo artist decided to help some exotic animals and organized a charity event directed at it.

In SA the scientists discovered a Stone Age a body art site while in New Zealand people ‘should respect moko.’

A Polish accent comes from Rzeszow– a new tattoo shop in this quite a small town.

hooked not only on tattoos

Art of body suspension comes under fire’ and two others are quite interesting to read although the said fire is very local one and you won’t find here big names and spectacular experiences.

Body piercing academy’ seems less controversial than ‘TattooSchool.’

’10 things your tattoo artist wants you to set straight on’ is quite interesting although I found this interview with Dave Navarro much better!

Tattos and jobs in two articles from two different continents: ‘jobless because of tattoos and piercings?’ from Germanyand ‘trying to end [tattoo] stigma’ from the USA.

A book on tattoos: ‘Visionaries of tattoo.’

Something for Bastian? 😉 ‘US Troops inAfghanistan: guns, tattoos and eyebrow threading.’

Finally, something both morbid and quite predictable: Amy Winehouse temporary tattoos.’

tis and tat ;)

Tattoos and fashion united again at Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show.

Celeb glitter thanks to Kat Von D who is going to try what it’s like to be a musician.

Female tattoo artists also in this ‘local’ article.

A small tribute to Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) in ‘the best and craziest Steve Jobs and Apple tattoos.’

Another slide show focuses on full body tattoos.

A little more on ‘Tattoo Witness’ exhibit.

As a proud owner of a rather big rib tattoo, I love reading about this placement and how painful it is: ‘reasons to smile through painful bouts of rib ink.’

Bastian’s comment on this one was quite priceless, so maybe he’ll share it kinda publicly again. For now, just a glimpse of German soldiers on a mission and their tattoos.

News fromPoland: Body Art Convention scheduled on November 2011 and a quite interesting article on tattoos as seen from anthropological and sociological perspective.

once in a while there’s more interesting stuff

and it’s true as sometimes articles on the subject are just dull. This time however…

Two articles on London Tattoo Convention from the last weekend; one of them has a really funny title referring to ‘body scratchers’ what in this industry is *not* a nice thing to hear!

This weekend inPoland is about the second edition of the tattoo festival in Poznan. Last year the guys from my regular shop grabbed a lot of awards at this one, so maybe this time they’ll repeat it, too?

With the upcoming election inPolandit’s interesting to read about election strategies in other countries; here Peru and temporary tattoos which proved to be a successful part of one politician’s strategy.

Kate Moss just became a jewelry designer and tattoos inspired her quite heavily. Another celebrity, known as Zombie Boy, decided to get a photo shoot showing him without his tattoos.

Another interesting bunch of pictures at a museum in an exhibit called ‘tattoo witness.’

Two good ones about tattoos and stereotypes: ‘tattoos-covered teacher inNewark’ and ‘stamping out the persistent myths and misconceptions about tattoos.’

Finally something that’s been quite fascinating for myself lately: ear stretching and why it’s still so popular among people of different cultures.