think and (don’t?) ink!

Another voice about tattoo regrets (after Peaches Geldof) comes from Sporty Spice!

Funnily enough, it makes the whole ‘think before you ink’ saying ringing even truer than before. In a way, the other side of the coin might be represented by ‘tattoo artists wrestling with booming business, poseurs’ and ‘tattoo artists on a star tattoo strike.’

According to a Polish psychologist, tattoo is not a form of rebellion but rather a sign that a person wearing it is fashionable. Too simplistic an analyze IMHO!

An article about microdermals and another one about a ‘medical tattoo.

Women and tattoos in two very interesting articles: ‘tattooed women in China’ (submitted by Bastian!) and ‘Grandma’s tattoos: the forgotten women of Genocide’ about women suffering abuse and forcefully tattooed decades ago!

And since the butterfly tattoo by Hirsch is still a huge thing, here’s a nice one about ‘examples of the tattoo fine art crossover.’