memento mori .. almost

Two important events this passing week: Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World DVD was launched on September 20 and the weekend inLondon is all about the famous tattoo convention (in this article Mo Copoletta is featured!)

Is it possible to outline the thousands of years of body art history in a few paragraphs? Obviously it is as it can be seen in this German article describing how body art changed from being a ritual to justa  trend.

Speaking of trends, another German one about ‘tattoo stockings’ which –I do admit – look quite nice in the pictures.

More female charm in an interesting slide show devoted to female tattoo artists.

Finally, a cautionary one: ‘what happens to skin art as we age?

a few good links

A fellow IAM-er in a Dutch article about new Guinness world records – Rolf is the most pierced man now. In a similar vein, ‘Vampire Woman’ visited Ripley’s.

Quite interesting religious questions: ‘the Jewish perception of tattoos: fair prejudice?’ and ‘admiring Islam … with a tattoo?

This one had potential – ‘the changing view of tattoos: how ink affects image in 2011’ – but wasn’t explored extensively enough. It still remains an interesting question, though.

An interview with a Polish tattoo artist isn’t mind-blowing but it’s in Polish, so it just must be here! 😉

Finally some celeb glitter: Lady Gaga before she became famous tattooed by Kat Von D at the beginning of her media career.

just a few

Just a handful of links I found interesting lately; a bigger update hopefully over the weekend when I’m less busy.

Warnings and advice to stay careful: lack of oversight in body piercing (hereIowabut it happens in other places, too) and ‘self-piercing a deadly risk’ fromAustralia.

Local artists in ‘Q&A: tattoo shop owners on body art.’

The end of civilization’ focuses on Ed Hardy brand while ‘the scariest mugshot ever?’ is more funny than scary although the contents of the article are far from funny.

think and (don’t?) ink!

Another voice about tattoo regrets (after Peaches Geldof) comes from Sporty Spice!

Funnily enough, it makes the whole ‘think before you ink’ saying ringing even truer than before. In a way, the other side of the coin might be represented by ‘tattoo artists wrestling with booming business, poseurs’ and ‘tattoo artists on a star tattoo strike.’

According to a Polish psychologist, tattoo is not a form of rebellion but rather a sign that a person wearing it is fashionable. Too simplistic an analyze IMHO!

An article about microdermals and another one about a ‘medical tattoo.

Women and tattoos in two very interesting articles: ‘tattooed women in China’ (submitted by Bastian!) and ‘Grandma’s tattoos: the forgotten women of Genocide’ about women suffering abuse and forcefully tattooed decades ago!

And since the butterfly tattoo by Hirsch is still a huge thing, here’s a nice one about ‘examples of the tattoo fine art crossover.’