fit and back!

I finally finished the whole ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ book set I treated myself with and which engulfed me pretty much completely for last few weeks (I had the second volume with me at the running camp and kept reading it whenever I had some free time!), so now I can focus on other things! 🙂

This one came as a shock: ‘TLC cancels LA Ink’ – quite surprising! Ami James also appeared in an online article under a heading ‘Empire of Ink.’ Quite modest seems this short article about Don Ed Hardy but it’s interesting to a degree anyway.

Big World also in a few articles focused on ‘Garage,’ a new magazine focused on fashion and art which has tattoos on the covers of its first issue.

I seldom post here about celebs but this one seems reasonable: ‘Peaches Geldof: why was I allowed to have tattoos at 14?’ Think before you ink, huh?

I ink therefore I am’ describes a local tattoo contest and mentions a local entrepreneur who hires people with tattoos and claims that they make good employees!

 Books: ‘tattooed covers’ by Penguin and a novel focused on tattoo(s): ‘Indelible Ink.’

And interesting news from theUK where branding seems to be getting popular among some people and worrisome for others.