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abomination, functionality and a few other difficult words

‘Tattoo School’ still quite ‘trendy’- here we have such words associated with it as ábomination,’ ‘truth‘ and also ‘threat‘ that’s investigated by FBI now.

On the other side of the Pond one police chief is seriously considering a question of tattoos on his work force and their possible positive impact on the public. Funnily enough, the public apparently wasn’t asked about it and seems to have a different opinion on the subject.

Kind of related – tattoos in the Air Force.

A German article on tattoos draws our attention to risks associated with them and advises to use sunblock while being out and exposed to the sunlight – it’s a good tip! The same tip can be found in an article about tattoos on New Yorkers (here’s another one about New Yorkers and their tattoos by the way).

Kat Von D is back both in the gossip columns and on TV; here let’s just focus on her TV-related activity.

Another interesting article about modern times and ta moko!

Tattoos in different countries – South Korea (exotic and interesting, isn’t it?) and Sweden.

Theme tattoos: Wikileaks logo seems quite popular and here’s also a slide show focused on college tattoos.

‘Tattoo body modification gets futuristically functional’ is quite interesting but this one, not really body mod-related, is even better – ear construction.

Finally an interesting piece of news about a baseball player sporting a new ‘surface piercing’which turned out to be a microdermal.


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2 responses to “abomination, functionality and a few other difficult words

  1. bastian ⋅

    Awww, come on: For someone with your language skills, the likes of ‘abomination’ ain’t no difficult word!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    lol true but ‘miscelleanous’ is – I can’t spell this word! 😛

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