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A few videos and TV news in today’s update:

School is out for the summer but here we have a piece of news about a teacher who got a tattoo done when his students improved their test scores.

An interesting project done in France: animated tattoo created with a little help from facebook users.

TV shows: ‘new web series based on tattoo artists’ (some big names appear on here) and TLC’s new monster: ‘Tattoo School.’ An interesting commentary of sorts: ‘tattoos? Yawns. Just more of the same!

I don’t think I’ll ever watch this one but there may be some fans of the stuff: “Degenerates Ink.

Paul Booth is still alive, kicking and with new ideas: ‘Last Rites Gallery and Tattoo Theatre reinvention.’

‘Tattoo Etiquete’ here.

And nice gem with a priceless quote: ‘a book every teenager should read’ (there’s also a version for girls!) ending on a ridiculuous note: ‘I’m telling you, if just one ancient Maori mother had bought her son “Temporary Tattoos for Guys” and allowed him to get the Ace of Hearts tattooed on his bicep, she might have altered the course of tattoo history.

I’m actually grateful to this one ancient Maori mother for not having bought anything of this kind!

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2 responses to “‘picturesque’

  1. bastian ⋅

    the last one had me laughing!
    And yes, there may even be truth in it – that’s probably because in ancient times consumerism and wasn’t yet invented and if you wanted something you couldn’t just go to a store and buy it!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    you could go over to your neighbor and steal it 😉 I’m sure ppl kept doing it all the time!

    its so true, though! here I am, with like 14 tech running shirts and I’m totally unable to use them all at once :P’should i switch to shoes now? 😉

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